Calvian endo-pen

Bipolar coagulation and bleeding control

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  • Lightbox Produktvorteil Calvian-in-Hand
  • Handling similar to conventional microinstruments: forceps-like handle
  • Easy rotation of the instrument
  • Perfect grip through soft-touch material
  • Improved maneuverability of the endoscope through slender shaft and handle plus connector keeps the cable out of the way
  • Re-usable and autoclavable
  • Instrumenten tray: each Calvian endo-pen® comes with an instrument tray for safe cleaning and sterilization.

Product Range – There are two versions of the Calvian endo-pen®:

1. Calvian endo-pen® forceps jaws

  • Calvian endo-pen® forceps jaws
  • Opens forceps-like (horizontal)
  • Calvian endo-pen® – forceps jaws – working length 18 cm – 45° – without suction
  • 45° tip angled – forceps jaws – top view

2. Calvian endo-pen® Duckbill

  • Calvian endo-pen® Duckbill
  • Opens vertical
  • Calvian endo-pen® – 15° tip angled – without suction – working length 18 cm
  • 15° tip angled – side view

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