CURIS – Radiofrequency Generator

The radiofrequency generator CURIS® made by Sutter Medizintechnik in Germany relies on the 4 MHz technology: It is gentle to the tissue and effective for coagulation, for lesions and for cutting. The patient trauma is reduced to a minimum.

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CURIS® 4 MHz Technology
The higher the frequency, the less the resistance of biological tissue to electromagnetic fields – up to the point where the cell membranes are capacitively coupled. This is exactly what happens with the 4 MHz produced by the CURIS® (both in the monopolar and the bipolar modes).
The electromagnetic fields are active in the tissue cells – not as is the case with conventional electrosurgical units, between the cells.
As a result energy is administered gently and in a highly focussed fashion. For example precise monopolar cuts are possible while lateral heat damage is kept to a minimum.

CURIS® p3 Technology

p3™ is active in all coagulation modes of the CURIS®. Radiofrequency energy is delivered in small packages of about 50 per second.
Due to the pulsed power output, there are very short breaks between the individual packages. The tissue has the time to absorb and distribute the energy and will generally be less traumatised. Highly-focussed, yet gentle coagulation with
minimal thermal damage is possible. The p3™ process is, of course, AutoRF™ controlled.

  • Conventional electrosurgical units: The electromagnetic field concentrates between the cells and heats up only the outer layer.
  • CURIS®: Cell membranes are conductive and the energy is absorbed evenly inside the cells. The result are highly focussed tissue effects.
  • The pulsed power output with short intervals between the individual packages allows for the coagulated tissue to absorb the applied energy.
  • Sections 1 to 5 illustrate the different kinds of tissues and cutting speeds to which the unit adjusts the power output. Illustration only.

Precision thanks to AutoRF™

The AutoRF™ function is the main control feature of the CURIS®. It responds to tissue impedance in all modes and controls and adjusts the power output according to tissue resistance.
The AutoRF™ function of the CURIS® will tailor the energy output (if need be even cut off or drive to the chosen maximum) in order to to ensure reproducible surgical results during cutting or coagulation.

Many Applications – One Unit

CURIS® Versatility in ENT

  • SUTTER RaVoR™ uvula dissection
  • SUTTER Radiofrequency Tonsillotomy
  • SUTTER RaVoR™ of the tongue base tonsils
  • SUTTER RaVoR™ of the tongue base
  • SUTTER RaVoR™ of the inferior turbinates
  • SUTTER RaVoR™ of the soft palate

RaVoR™: Radiofrequency Volume Reduktion
of the turbinates, soft palate, tongue base, etc. is an interstitial (i.e. „blind“) application: The surgeon has no visual feedback; for the desired outcome he solely relies on the system. A generator monitoring the tissue and adjusting power is a must. AutoRF™ is an intelligent mode with impedance control that will tailor the power output of the CURIS® to the tissue condition. As soon as the right size of a lesion has been achieved, the CURIS® generator will automatically stop the activation (AUTO STOP mode) and give an acoustic signal.

Audio Feedback-System

If desired, an acoustic feedback function (AUDIO FEEDBACK) can be activated for additional safety. While a lesion is created, the change in tissue condition is signalled according to a predefined pitch: The further the lesion progresses, the higher the activation sound.
This mode may also be used to increase the patient’s comfort. He will be able to listen in and follow what happens inside his tissue.

CURIS® in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Precise cutting – allows the tissue to heal with minimal postoperative pain and scarring.The degree of haemostasis is determined by the surgeon. It goes without saying that the CURIS® produces clear, clean cuts. This only works when the energy delivered is highly focussed and there is minimal lateral heat damage. A frequency of 4 MHz and AutoRF™ combine to create a homogenous electromagnetic field. For the unit to adjust to ever changing conditions during cutting skin, fat and muscle in one stroke, active performance control with AutoRF™ is able to ensure reproducible results.

Best possible coagulation results – according to the doctor’s requirements in two bipolar modes. For instruments with wider tips of 1 mm and more, the MACRO mode is ideal. The advantage of fine instruments – their precision – is enhanced by the PRECISE mode, which can be adjusted in steps of 0.5 watts. Its gentleness and characteristics guarantee safe coagulation results during subtle interventions and near sensitive structures.

About Sutter

Sutter is a leader for radiofrequency systems and bipolar accessories in electrosurgery. Thanks to our consistent quality policy we have had a certified quality management system since 1996.