Digital Augmented Reality Microscope ARveo

In delicate neurosurgery your vision and understanding of anatomical structures and physiological processes powers your decision-making. How would it impact outcomes if you had a single, precise, augmented view of the surgical field, in one augmented microscope platform?

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Our ARveo digital augmented reality microscope will empower your surgical decisions with:

Augmented digital imaging for precise, real-time information

  • Freedom to choose what you see and how you see it
  • Flexible options to share your view in the OR and beyond
  • With a single, complete picture of what lies ahead, you can go forward with confidence.

Empower your decision-making with Augmented Reality

The ARveo microscope integrates the supplementary imaging information you need to make precise, confident decisions. Enhance your understanding with IGS data and our propriety GLOW Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Building on a decade of leadership in fluorescence imaging, GLOW AR is ready to revolutionize the way you navigate your most challenging neurosurgical procedures.

A sophisticated imaging sensor and algorithms capture, optimize, and combine multiple spectral bands of visible and fluorescent light. The result is faithful, natural coloring of tissue and accurate representation of fluorescence intensity.

Our first modality is GLOW800* AR fluorescence, but this is just the start: GLOW AR technology is future-ready. Choose ARveo with built-in GLOW800* AR fluorescence, then simply upgrade as soon as the next modality is launched.

Augment your vascular neurosurgery

GLOW800* augmented reality (AR) fluorescence is the first fluorescence modality based on GLOW AR technology. Used in combination with ICG, it allows you to observe cerebral anatomy in natural color, augmented by real-time vascular flow, with full depth perception.

One complete picture without interruption

  • A single, real-time view means no more need to recall and try to reconcile black and white NIR blood flow video with the natural anatomical view
  • Full depth perception and no dark peripheries through image homogenization supports clear spatial orientation
  • Whether AVM, aneurysm, bypass, or microvascular decompression, you always have the full view you need to confidently work in GLOW800* mode

Choose to view on 4K 3D screens

The ARveo gives you options.

Choose how you prefer to view digital and augmented reality imaging information: In the eyepieces or on 4K 3D monitors.

  • Select the 31-inch 4K 3D monitor for easy mounting on the microscope or on a mobile cart system.
  • For an even more flexible and immersive experience in the OR add a cart-mounted 55-inch 4K 3D monitor.

GLOW800* cannot be viewed in 3D.

Choose to view in the eyepieces

Prefer not to take your eyes off your patient to look at a screen during surgery?

With CaptiView image injection you see the imaging information you need in the highest resolution, directly in the eyepieces.

  • CaptiView displays GLOW AR fluorescence, IGS data from leading manufacturers, microscope information, and additional input streams thanks to the OpenArchitecture design
  • 1080p full HD display with LED backlight delivers high-resolution, high-contrast images so good there’s no need to break concentration to look at a screen

Share your view in 3D

While the ARveo microscope is built to empower your decision-making, we recognize that you also want to strengthen the skills of your team.

  • CaptiView image injection allows your assistant to also view digital imaging directly in their eyepieces
  • 3D visualization on screen can help improve your students’ understanding of complex cases and may even increase knowledge retention
  • Shared 3D viewing on large 4K monitors helps support workflow by enabling your whole team to follow your every delicate move

FusionOptics makes the previously impossible, possible

The ARveo microscope has groundbreaking optical innovation at its heart: FusionOptics. Uniting an enhanced depth of field with high resolution, FusionOptics technology delivers unsurpassed visualization. When combined with 400 W xenon light and Small Angle Illumination, the result is a deep, bright view, in full focus.

The Technology of FusionOptics

  1. Two separate beam paths:
  2. One beam path provides high resolution.
  3. The other beam path provides depth of field.
  4. The brain merges the two images to a single optimal spatial image.

A decade of pioneering fluorescence

Leica Microsystems has been leading the way in fluorescence technology for more than 10 years. This dedication has enabled us to remain at the forefront of new developments.

Our latest innovation, GLOW800* AR fluorescence, plus two other fluorescence filters can be fully integrated into the ARveo microscope.

Switching between white light and fluorescence or between fluorescence modes requires just a few clicks.

About Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems is a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments. Its close cooperation with the scientific community is the key to Leica Microsystems’ tradition of innovation, which draws on users’ ideas and creates solutions tailored to their requirements. Leica Microsystems has six manufacturing facilities in five countries, with sales and service organizations in 20 countries. The company is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.