Mizuho Sugita Titanium 2 Aneurysm Clip

Tomorrow’s aneurysm management is available today – embodied in the new Sugita Titanium 2 Clip. T2 isn’t an old design recast in new material but rather a truly innovative advancement, patiently evolved from the industry’s most trusted and acclaimed design.


Revolutionizing aneurysm management, again.

The T2 Clip is an innovative advancement that has evolved from the industry’s most trusted and acclaimed design. By integrating a new, ultra-slim profile that’s 50% thinner, with today’s widest blade opening and exclusive bridge-wire system, the result is unprecedented handling and control with a clearer line of sight for the surgeon.

  • Ultra-Slim Spring Using cutting-edge technology available exclusively to Mizuho, designers reduced the already ultra-low Sugita spring profile by 50%,giving surgeons unprecedented ease of handling and greater visibility of local anatomy.
  • Delicately Tapered Blade A slim blade design with tapered tip allows a smooth approach into deeper, hard-to-reach surgical sites. The finer blade and distal tip contributes to exposure of vital surrounding structures.
  • Widest Opening Available The industry’s widest blade opening provides greater freedom of movement when maneuvering the clip over the aneurysm neck, while the exclusive Sugita bridgewire system prevents twisting.
  • Atraumatic Blade Impact The channel-shaped pattern uniformly covers the blade’s surface, effectively widening the contact area and improving grip force for a strong, consistent hold. Unique design helps ensure vessel safety by reducing slippage and preserving tissue integrity.
  • MRI Compatibility T2’s Titanium alloy offers excellent biological compatibility, durability and wear resistance for permanent implantation. Independent, third-party tests, using FDA and ASTM standards, prove T2 Clips to be MR-safe to 4 Tesla.
  • A Clip for Every Need To facilitate treatment of complex aneurysms, the T2 Clip is available in a wide variety of blade shapes, lengths and angles. Clip-Spring colors match appropriate appliers for fast, accurate instrument identification.

 Quality you expect. Safety you can trust.

Every Sugita aneurysm clip, including the new T2, embodies Mizuho’s never-ending commitment to product quality and patient safety. From development and manufacturing through inspection and logistics, clips undergo stringent monitoring and control to assure optimal reliability and performance.

  • Individual Lot Numbers Lot numbers, laser etched on each clip, permit long-term traceability throughout the treatment period, and enable detailed clip data to be easily obtained, should the need arise.
  • Closing Force Labeling Every clip label lists individual specifications plus clip closing force. Sugita is the first clip brand to indicate closing force on individual packages.

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