Mizuho Sugita Head Frames

Carbon Fiber Head Frame

This 6 point fixation system provides firm cranial stabilization and comfort to both the patient and surgeon. Devised by Dr. Kenichiro Sugita, these carbon fiber head frames provide rigid and stable fixation while also serving as a completely integrated neurosurgery workstation.



Radiolucent carbon fiber construction allows intraoperative angiography through x-ray

  • Strong, rigid and lightweight
  • Designed for intra-operative angiography
  • Ideal for aneurysm, AVM, tumor surgery and pediatric cases
  • Several retraction options

Components and Accessories:

  • Table attachments for various manufacturers’ tables
  • U-shaped head holder (6 pin positions)
  • Basal frame with semi-circular frame
  • Metal and titanium (tapered or non) snake arm retractors
  • Fixed and adjustable hand rests, instrument receptacle, cotton plate
  • Titanium scalp hooks, slide adjustors, brain spatulas
  • CF navigation adaptor

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