Clear-Line M-Black

Upgrade your M style Lumbar Retractor System… with the advantages of the Clear-Line™ M-Black

NSI Health Systems


Lumbar Retractor System

The NSI M-Black sets include:

  • NSI Clear-Line™ M-Black Microdiscectomy Set
  • NSI Clear-Line™ M-Black Retractor Set
  • NSI Clear-Line™ M-Black Extended Blades and Hooks

The NSI Clear-Line™ M-Black includes innovative radiolucent blades and hooks that are interchangeable with M style systems.

All of our NSI Clear-Line™ M-Black Lumbar Retraction sets are designed with interchangeable components that will work with competitive M style systems at a lower cost.

The NSI Clear-Line™ M-Black has extended blade and hook lengths available.

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NSI has a robust product portfolio of spinal retractor systems with exceptional quality. All with the objective to uniquely integrate the elements of innovation, vision, and cost effectiveness, all working towards the common goal of improving patient care.