Clear-Line SLS Systems

Cervical Retractor System

The “same” system you are using… but with innovative features at a lower cost.

NSI Health Systems


The Clear-Line™ SLS is the “same” system you are using… but with innovative features at a lower cost. Our SLS sets include:

  • NSI-6001 Clear-Line™ SLS Complete
  • NSI-6003 Clear-Line™ SLS-X
  • NSI-2003 Clear-Line™ SLS Mini Complete
  • NSI-6005 Clear-Line™ SLS COMPACT
  • NSI-6006 SLS-XC

The NSI Clear-Line™ SLS is interchangeable with straight post systems offering innovative blade-alignment grooves.

All of our NSI Clear-Line™ SLS Cervical Retraction sets are designed with interchangeable components that will work with competitive systems at a lower cost.

Each of our NSI Clear-Line™ SLS sets are equiped with innovative items such as Posi-Lock Frames, Reversible Distractors, Clowards, and Quick Release Handles, as well as Blades and other optional blades and items.

Innovative Items

  • Posi-Lock Fame
  • Reversible Distractor
  • NSI Cloward
  • Quick Release Handles


  • Blunt Blades 30mm – 75mm
  • Micro-Blunt Blades 35mm – 60mm
  • Short Teeth Blades 30mm – 65mm
  • Micro-Teeth Blades 35mm – 60mm
  • Long Teeth Blades 30mm – 65mm

Optional Blades

  • Multi-Level Blades 30mm – 65mm
  • Longitudinal Blades 55mm (Distractor Arm Length)

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NSI has a robust product portfolio of spinal retractor systems with exceptional quality. All with the objective to uniquely integrate the elements of innovation, vision, and cost effectiveness, all working towards the common goal of improving patient care.