TC Teathered Cord

NSI Health Systems


Clear-Line™ TC Tethered Cord / Pediatric Spinal Retractor

  • NSI-0111 SLS Transverse Retractor (Standard) 1
  • NSI-0098 SLS Screw-On Retractor Handle 2
  • NSI-2315SS 23x15mm SLS Short Teeth Blade 2
  • NSI-2320SS 23x20mm SLS Short Teeth Blade 2
  • NSI-2325SS 23x25mm SLS Short Teeth Blade 2
  • NSI-2330SS 23x30mm SLS Short Teeth Blade 2
  • NSI-2335SS 23x35mm SLS Short Teeth Blade 2
  • NSI-4615SS 46x15mm SLS-ST Multi-Level Blade 2
  • NSI-4620SS 46x20mm SLS-ST Multi-Level Blade 2
  • NSI-4625SS 46x25mm SLS-ST Multi-Level Blade 2
  • NSI-4630SS 46x30mm SLS-ST Multi-Level Blade 2
  • NSI-4635SS 46x35mm SLS-ST Multi-Level Blade 2
  • 575-801 TC Retractor Sterilization Case 1

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NSI has a robust product portfolio of spinal retractor systems with exceptional quality. All with the objective to uniquely integrate the elements of innovation, vision, and cost effectiveness, all working towards the common goal of improving patient care.