Single-Use RaVoR Probes

In addition to the RaVoR™ instruments used successfully in the market for 15 years already, Sutter is now offering disposable versions as well

Both, the bipolar disposable needle electrode for the nasal concha according to Binner and the disposable needle electrode for the soft palate offer the same comforts as their reusable counterparts.”

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Low risk and cost-effectiveness

The disposable RaVoR™ probes as sterile packaged instruments reduce the risk of cross-contamination and eliminate the time required for a sterilization process. They also reduce the risk of downtime in the OR due to older, damaged instruments.
Disposable instruments are cost-effective and save time by eliminating the need for reprocessing and maintenance.


  • Sutter bipolar RaVoR™ probes are very cost-efficient.
  • Instrument’s shape follows the anatomy – The shape of Sutter RaVoR™ probes always follows the anatomy, thus allowing easy access to the application site, giving excellent view and perfect control over the instrument.
  • Perfect lesions – Sutter RaVoR™ probes make oval-shaped, long lesions possible. Both shape and size allow treating a bigger area, while protecting bony structures as well as mucosa. Lesion always perfectly fit patient’s anatomy.
  • Protecting mucosa – A very thin insulating layer, which is placed under the mucosa, protects the surface from thermal damage. This unique technology helps both to reduce postoperative pain and to make healing process fast and gentle.

About Sutter

Sutter is a leader for radiofrequency systems and bipolar accessories in electrosurgery. Thanks to our consistent quality policy we have had a certified quality management system since 1996.