Surgical Beach Chairs

SchureMed’s Beach Chairs are designed to provide the optimal position for surgery while keeping the rest of the upper body safe and secure. A slow movement adjusts the angle of our chairs without any sudden changes or unnatural contortions commonly associated with other motorized procedure chairs. The headrest is adjustable, and our patented double-joint head system secures the patient’s head while allowing the doctor to tilt it 30 degrees forwards, backward, and sideways.

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With a high weight capacity of 500 pounds, medical professionals no longer need to worry about the immobility of an obese, anesthetized patient with SchureMed equipment. The Deluxe pad system included in the package prevents the head and other body parts from sliding off in the middle of the procedure, drastically reducing the risk of nerve and muscular injuries caused by the body hitting the surgical table’s exposed metal parts.

The “beach chair” position is favored by orthopedic surgeons for arthroscopic shoulder operations. This has many advantages, such as the reduced risk of nerve injury, better anatomical positioning, and an improved post-surgical prognosis compared to other positions. We currently offer two beach chair models: the SchureMed Powered Beach Chair, and the E-Z Lift Beach Chair.

The SchureMed Powered Beach Chair offers a built-in, self-contained motor that doesn’t require power from the surgical table, allowing for greater positional flexibility in the operating room. It also features an articulation range of 0-90 degrees, and a head rest that tilts 30 degrees in every direction.

Our E-Z Lift Beach Chair, on the other hand, is a cost-effective procedure chair that offers the same comfortable patient positioning, but without the need for power. It instead relies on a piston system that allows staff to lift the patient into position. Like the Powered Beach Chair, the E-Z Lift offers the same articulation range and double-joint head system for securing the patient’s head.

Disposable Face Masks and Disposable Head & Chin Straps used for both models are sold separately.

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SchureMed Surgical Patient Positioning

SchureMed’s focus, as a medical equipment manufacturer, is on providing innovative surgical patient positioning equipment and devices. Our design practice is centered on improving patient safety and comfort, while addressing critical patient positioning challenges that gynecological, urological, laparoscopic, and orthopedic surgical procedures present.