Laser Engraving Medical Equipment & Devices

Put our Co2 laser to work.

Fast and affordable laser marking on medical devices

Laser marking does not compromise component hygiene
Improves Patient Safety. Improves Productivity
We tackle medical device marking challenges
Withstands cleaning with alkaline substances & sterilization at high temperatures
SurgicalOne Boss 3655 Co2 Laser Cutter

Surgical & Medical equipment engraving specialist

Marking Examples

  • Alphanumeric contents such as simple serial numbers or date and lot codes
  • Complex codes such as 1D and 2D Datamatrix codes and bar codes (i.e. GS1, EAN 128, etc.)
  • Company or trademark logos
  • International fonts

Laser Benefits

  • Permanent and traceable
  • Legible and readable
  • High contrast
  • Counterfeit-proof
  • Sterilization-resistant
  • Hygienic and smooth

Application Areas

  • Autoclave trays
  • Operating room devices
  • Invasive surgical tools
  • General surgical devices, instruments and tools
  • Cannulas, catheters, tubes, wires
  • Implants/ implantable devices

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Medical laser engraving examples

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