Surgical Brands and Partners

Partners with innovative and respected surgical brands.

SurgicalOne serves every segment of the surgical instrumentation, implant and capital equipment markets. Our surgical specialization includes spine, neurosurgery, thoracic, cardiac, vascular and dental surgery.

The SurgicalOne Portfolio

  • Mizuho Sugita and T2 Aneurysm Clips, Neurosurgical Doppler, Fukushima Instruments, FEATHER Blades
  • BFW – Surgical Headlights and 300 Xenon Light Sources
  • Drapetech – Innovative Niche Surgical Equipment and Microscope Drapes
  • Fehling – German made surgical instruments, implants and single use products
  • Leica – Surgical and Dental Microscopes
  • Tedan Surgical – Spinal Instruments and Retractors
  • Black Forest Medical Group – DORO Cranial Stabilization & Brain Retractor Systems
  • Sutter – electrosurgery products for surgeons since 1996
  • VTI – Doppler Systems for Cardiovascular, General, Vascular, Plastic and Urological Surgery