SurgicalOne is the only Leica factory-authorized service agent in our region. We are also the only company that can provide original replacement parts for Leica Surgical Microscopes in the Midwest to Midsouth region.

We offer the following services and repairs on

  • Leica microscopes
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service contracts
  • Component repair
  • Component exchange
  • Optics re-alignment
  • Custom fabrication
  • Installation
  • Video and recording system repair
  • Safe transportation of equipment

We have been the regional Leica distributor for over 22 years and have had our own, full-service, surgical microscope service department since 2004. We have one of, if not the best equipped surgical microscope service departments in the country. We have 10 full-time dedicated field service engineers. We offer service on all brands of microscopes and have special expertise with Leica as their only regional factory-authorized service agent. We have a warehouse stocked with parts and fully assembled microscopes for testing and used/rebuilt spare parts. We also stock new replacement parts for many frequently replaced components (i.e. bulbs, fiber optic cables, video cables, control cables, eyecups, etc). We have rebuilt components ready to go in our exchange pool for larger items such as binoculars, XY units, foot controls, and optical heads. We offer in-house repair on all microscope components.

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SurgicalOne is the only Leica factory-authorized service agent in the region.

Our service department has earned an excellent reputation at the facilities we service. We also offer or provide:

  • Repair service for most headlamp light sources.
  • Full repair and support service for video display, capture, and recording equipment.
  • Refurbished fully assembled microscopes of all makes
  • ONLY company able to sell new replacement parts for Leica Surgical Microscopes to facilities in the Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Western New York region.
  • We have established relationships with several different national distributors to supply some, but not all, replacement parts for Zeiss, Haag-Streit, Global, Storz and other microscopes at competitive prices.
  • Custom-built solutions to integrate previously non-compatible systems and customize microscopes to each surgeon’s personal preferences
  • Phone response is immediate for technical issues, and, when needed, the field service technician will arrive on site within 24 hrs of the first call. The response will generally be much quicker than 24 hrs. Repairs can usually be made during that first response unless special order parts are needed.

Download our SurgicalOne Microscope Service Flyer

Surgical Service Agreement Options


Annual Preventative Maintenance

On-site labor, travel & mileage

Technical & Applications Center Support

Software Updates

24h Support

Replacement Parts

Discount on parts

Bi-annual Preventative Maintenance



2 Included




• Provides highest level of protection from unexpected service expense. Covers all replacement parts, labor, and mileage for any repair performed on the covered microscope during the term of the agreement. This plan covers the entire microscope and floor-stand. Includes on-site labor for repairs related to the video camera & recording system but doesn't cover replacement parts for these or any other "add-on" systems. 

• Includes 2 bi-annual PM services. 

• Includes necessary software upgrades for the microscope controller and the video system.


2 Included




• Provides the same labor coverage as our platinum plan, but does not cover ANY replacement parts- Labor, travel and mileage charges during the duration of the contract are included. 

• This plan includes 2 bi-annual PM service. 

• 10% discount on replacement parts. 

• Software upgrades are included as well. 

• Free technical phone support provided by SurgicalOne, Inc. from 7am to 7pm, Monday-Saturday.


2 Included

10% Discount


• This plan is an agreement to provide preventative maintenance (2 bi-annual PM services) on the microscope. 

• In addition to the 2 bi-annual PM’s, enrollment in this plan also awards you a 10% discount on any additional Labor and Travel charges incurred during the term of the agreement on the covered microscope.