Tedan Phantom CS Distraction Screws

Disposable “Caspar Style” Distraction screws for ACDF procedures

QuickStartTM Distraction Screws require half the number of turns compared to the competitors screws

  • 8 turns vs. 16 Turns – to drive each screw, reduced OR time
  • Springless Screwdriver– No more broken springs
  • Locking Distractor– No more distractor creep out of the incision

Save OR time and reduce disposable costs.

Tedan Phantom Distraction screws

Same Task, Half the Time
QuickStart Distraction Screws enable faster deployment with a sharp tip and dual cutting flutes. Each screw contains dual lead threads, which achieve bone penetration in half the turns of standard distraction screws.

Diverse patient anatomies.
Each QuickStart Distraction Screw is designed for quick and easy bone penetration, with sharp, self-tapping tips. Combined with compatible Phantom CS™ distraction instruments, QuickStart Distraction Screws offer new advantages over standard distraction screws on the market. Available in 12, 14 & 16 mm lengths, QuickStart Distraction Screws accommodate diverse patient anatomies.

Unique Accessories
The patented Tedan “springless” distraction screw driver, completely eliminates broken springs. Optional Tedan locking distractor avoids annoying “distractor creep” The lifting of the distractor out of the surgical site.

Save OR time and reduce disposable costs.

The Phantom™ CS Distraction Screw is the first to significantly reduce OR time and also offers the additional advantage of lower cost – 40-50% lower retail price than competing screws.

Discover how to save precious OR time.

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